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IT'S NOT ABOUT THE SHAWERMA is a story about obsessions, centered on a young hippie-style writer, Mikey (played by Yahn Soon), who lets his imagination run wild after his chicken shawerma order is stolen from a falafel cafe in Santa Cruz, California. Caught in his fiction/non-fiction fancies is a couple in their twenties who virtually take on the roles of his parents. Dean (Adam Karagas), though a "friend," can't help cutting him down at every opportunity, while Yvette (Maya Berthoud) is supportive to a fault. A new roommate, Claire (Piper Corbett), becomes a handy foil, generating new material for the notebook. Real-life stories from main characters and outsiders track the development to Mikey's circular writing jag, with some final cautionary notes tailoring out the hilarious, yet dark comedy. Produced as part of Rick Schmidt Workshop.

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