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Once upon a time, all animals were saved from extinction. Noah built an Ark, took all species on board and set them free after the Flood. Great story. Not so great: today, every year between 0.01 and 0.1% of all animals go extinct. There is a huge difference between these numbers, which has to do with the fact that we have absolutely no idea how many species inhabit our planet. But in any case, according to the most conservative estimations, every single year between two-hundred and two thousand species disappear forever. Filmmakers Eline Jongsma and Kel O’Neil went in search for the new Noah and found two scientists. Oliver Ryder and Jeanne Loring work in a research center in California. Their plan is to use stem cell technology and turn animal skin cells that were frozen long ago into new life. Thus, science ends the natural life cycle. In San Diego's Zoo, there is another, secret zoo. The secret zoo is underground, it is in the basement of the research center for natural conservation. Instead of cages, we find all kinds of tubes with living tissue of a vast diversity of animals. The collection is called the "Frozen Zoo" and it gets bigger every day. Since 1976, the "Frozen Zoo" is collecting cells and freezes them. THE FROZEN ZOO offers us a glimpse of a future in which we will be able to save all living species.

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