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Peter is about to perform a Ludwig Von Beethoven concert for the first time and he needs his wife Elisabeth "Liss" (Maria Schell) there for emotional support. He claims he always plays his best when she is there. To his surprise, his old friend Michael Sekretar is the solo violinist. Elisabeth is late for the performance, as usual. The moment she lays her eyes on Michael she is instantly infatuated. After the performance, Liss goes to look for Peter and accidentally walks into Michael's dressing room. He is immediately attracted to her as well. Later that evening Michael confides to Peter that he recently saw a woman that he could easily fall in love with. Neither one knew that he was speaking of Elisabeth. Elisabeth and Michael secretly meet and agree that they will run away together until Peter becomes ill. Elisabeth knows that she cannot be with both men. In the end she chooses the man her heart truly belongs to.

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