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Mary Henry struggles to put her life back in order after emerging the lone survivor of a gruesome car accident. She takes a job as a church organist in Utah, alienating neighbors and fellow roomers with an icy detachment; unbeknownst to them all, Mary is sinking into one mystery after another. How did Mary Henry survive that accident? Why is she drawn to the abandoned carnival on an isolated beach? And who is the pale, sinister-looking man that has followed her to her new home? The bonechilling atmosphere and enduring cult status of CARNIVAL OF SOULS belie its humble origins as the sole feature of industrial filmmaker Herk Harvey, who with a skeleton crew and an unknown (and otherworldly) Candace Hilligoss, made the film for $30,000 in three weeks. Unappreciated upon release and truncated by butcher-minded distributors, CARNIVAL OF SOULS is presented here in its unsettling entirety. -Tom Fritche

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