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After a popular run making shorts as the Chaplin-esque “Lonesome Luke,” Harold Lloyd had just started making films in what he termed his “glasses” character, the bespectacled milquetoast we remember him for, when he starred in this early classic. His hero wakes up hungover from his first and last “big souse” to find news of this bachelor's party has already traveled to his future mother-in-law, who's canceled the wedding in protest. She packs up his fiancée (Bebe Daniels) and sets sail for the Canary Islands in order to put some distance between would-be bride and groom. But the latter has already snuck onboard with valet and dog. Then... pirate attack! These pirates, however, look a lot like chorus girls. Once Harold begins strumming a ukelele their response indicates that the Twenties were already Roaring even in 1919! It was only the second two-reeler for Lloyd (his prior films had been half as long) but the last of many he made with co-star Daniels, who graduated to feature vehicles and became a singing staple in early-talkie musicals.

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