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A long stretch in prison after a string of failed jobs has not blunted the desire for Kip (John Rutland) to pull off one more job. And this time, it's the big one. As soon as he is released, Kip teams up with Steve (William Lucas), the brains behind several heists, and together they plan the job that will set them up for life: breaking into a bank vault through the cellars of adjoining bombed-out houses. Their crew consists of Nodge (Terence Cooper) for the heavy work, Dodo (Shay Gorman) to handle explosives and Ron (David Brierley) as the driver. When Simmie (Warren Mitchell) supplies the gang with plastic incendiaries they begin their stakeout of the bank and work out the best times to begin the drilling and blasting their way into the vault. But just before the gang leaves, Kip has a heart attack and has to drop out. Against his better judgment, Steve, who is strictly the organization man, agrees to go on the job in his place. Meanwhile, things start to go wrong.

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