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BACK HOME YEARS AGO is about the real Chicago gangsters who migrated to Las Vegas and formed the basis for Martin Scorsese's epic, CASINO. The focus is on real life counterparts to the Nicholas Pileggi book "Casino," and subsequent film. BACK HOME YEARS AGO gives you insights to the film's main characters such as Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal (the Robert DeNiro character), Tony Spilotro (the Joe Pesci character), Alan Dorfman (the Alan King character) and several of their pals and relatives who were privy to the way Chicago's "Outfit" operated and gained favor in Las Vegas. Unlike many typical "mob" documentaries this is far more than a simple by the numbers account of real events such as the standard, "then he was 'whacked' outside the club." Instead, the film opts to portray a more first person impressionistic view into the lifestyle and rip away the sheer veneer of the typical mob film. The film further delves into the stereotypes of the cinematic "mafia" world and makes a compelling contrast between reality and the Hollywood version.

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