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A TRIP TO SWADADES tells the story of Schweitzer Haas, a seventy-four year old retired professor who returns to Philadelphia, the city of his youth, for the first time in twenty years to visit his hermit brother Ezra. The two have never seen eye-to-eye, but it seems that Ezra has developed a freakish steel-trap memory, having kept complex memory logs to document their formative years. As a result, however, Ezra's apartment is a den of bad smells and filthy living conditions. When Schweitzer goes out to get his brother cleaning supplies and gets lost in the city he once knew intimately, he is found by an old friend named Claude Schoonover. Claude and Schweitzer visit a place of importance from their past: an old shvitz bath-house. It is there that Schweitzer realizes that he must reconcile with his brother before it is too late and time ultimately runs out for him.

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