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Matthew Petock's somber drama interweaves the lives of a mother and her two sons as they struggle with various incarnations of love and sexual awakening. The film's grounded and realistic storyline evokes Martin Scorsese's ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE (Matthew worked as a production assistant for the film legend). With a powerfully subdued performance by lead Sayra Player as Sheryl, a struggling single-mother coping with romantic longing, the film casts a moving spell that will leave you mesmerized. Martin Scorsese writes, "Matthew Petock's first feature shows him to be a director of depth, sensitivity and assurance. He captures the quiet emotions and heartbreak of his characters with profound respect for the dignity of the everyday struggles in life and what it means to be a family. A LITTLE CLOSER is a hauntingly beautiful film and a remarkable debut."

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