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Before "Everybody Loves Raymond" debuted, Ray Romano was one of the top touring comedians in the country. At the height of his sitcom's popularity, Romano revisited his stand-up roots, hitting the road with long-time friend and opening act, Tom Caltabiano, who decided to film the tour. This ultimate fly-on-the-wall documentary came about when Romano rejected the idea of a large camera crew. So instead, Tom plucked wide-eyed USC student Roger Lay, Jr. out of Filmmaking 101 and dropped him into the backseat of the duo's rental car. Everything is here: from the comic's adrenaline-filled walk to the stage to the hilarious intimacy of two comedians locked in a car together for hundreds of miles. You'll never guess why Ray eagerly rents a motel room in the backwoods of Georgia for five minutes.

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