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In the 1990s all the feature films I made were shot in a style the Mexicans call "plano secuencia" (a single master for every scene). I was inspired in this by my friend the director Arturo Ripstein. It was a response to editing strategies which had become increasingly frenetic and predictable, in part due to the number of film directors coming out of pop promos and commercials. It occurred to me that this might need some explanation, and so Lorenzo O'Brien (producer of WALKER and writer/producer of HIGHWAY PATROLMAN) got together to make this little "users guide" which talks about editing strategies, and references Peter Watkins' "Notes on the Media Crisis" and his term the Monoform. Lorenzo shot the USER'S GUIDE, which features me and the other actors of 3 BUSINESSMEN, Bob Wisdom, Miguel Sandoval, and the Sandoval clan. - Alex Cox

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