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The Mystery Scientific Method

April 11, 2013 | 4 Comments

Joe Don Baker, Gamera, Miles O’Keeffe, Torgo: if these names sound familiar or even related, you have Mystery Science Theater 3000 to blame.

Bombs Away?!

April 10, 2013 | One Comment

On the ultimate inciting incident and its recurrence in movies.

The Film 100: Melvin Van Peebles, no. 93

January 30, 2013

Van Peebles shockingly illuminated a cultural gap between blacks and whites.

The Film 100: Roger Corman, no. 49

January 18, 2013

Corman’s mastery of the low-budget production has had a tremendous impact on independent filmmakers, documentarians and studios alike.

‘Portlandia,’ Revisited

January 2, 2013

A forgotten noir exposes a seedy true story from the Northwest’s most lovable town, ‘sin by sin,’ ‘shock by shock.’

A Frankenfilm Feast: Al Adamson

November 13, 2012

The Golden Age of exploitation produced movies as tasteless as they are jaw-droppingly entertaining, and Al Adamson was a master of the ill-begotten form.

Video: Doris Wishman, the Mother of Sexploitation

August 10, 2012

One of the most prolific woman filmmakers of all time worked in a surprising genre: the sexploitation flick. On the 10-year anniversary of Doris Wishman’s death at age 90, a video essay pays tribute to a master.

Last One Out Shut The Spaceship Door: “God’s Land” Production Diary #10

October 28, 2011

God’s Land has been a long haul, exhausting but ultimately rewarding—it reminds me of when I used to run marathons.

The Light at the End of the Airport Monorail Tunnel: “God’s Land” Production Diary #8

October 27, 2011

We are over halfway through shooting God’s Land now—and seeing light at the end of the tunnel for some of our principal actors.

Bruised Palms In The Name of Cinema: “God’s Land” Production Diary #6

October 26, 2011

Matthew Chiu, age eight, who has never acted in a feature film before, is working himself up for a scene where he has to attack another child actor

No Light, No Problem: “God’s Land” Production Diary #4

October 25, 2011

Our latest shoot involves night exteriors. I think it was Repo Man director Alex Cox who said that for all the pain that has been put upon screenwriters over the years, they have the sweetest revenge when they write the words “EXTERIOR: NIGHT”

No Rain Outs Allowed: “God’s Land” Production Diary #2

October 24, 2011

The following is the second in a series of on-set reports by producer Jeremiah Kipp on God’s Land, a feature film written and directed by Preston Miller.