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The Art of Everything: Laurie Anderson

November 13, 2015

On telling the story that you can tell.

The Lens: Miranda July and Agnès Varda

November 12, 2015

In which the two distinguished directors talk generational shifts, Jane Birkin, work and family—and the time capsule that is KUNG-FU MASTER.

Crafting TRUTH: James Vanderbilt

October 26, 2015

‘Three years after 9/11 … we felt we were at war and those tensions ran high. But now we can look back on it and see it for being a different time.’

‘I Am not a Sadist’: Sebastian Silva

October 25, 2015

Silva talks about his largely autobiographical hybrid, NASTY BABY.

Todd Rohal: On Human Weirdness

October 22, 2015

‘I’ve learned to accept that it’s OK to see the importance of things that are goofy.’

Hou’s Killer Instincts with THE ASSASSIN

October 15, 2015 | One Comment

Hou Hsiao-hsien: ‘It’s not a dance performance, it’s an assassination—it’s got to be quick!’

Regarding Milgram

October 13, 2015

Michael Almereyda on EXPERIMENTER.

Guy Maddin’s Lusty Ghosts

October 7, 2015

‘THE FORBIDDEN ROOM is haunted by the spirit of sexploitation from start to finish.’

Dorsky and Hiler: Open to Life

September 27, 2015

Nathaniel Dorsky and Jerome Hiler on collaboration, haiku, light and color as ‘Luminous Intimacy’ opens in New York.

Lynn Shelton Goes Way Back

September 25, 2015

‘The sense of disassociation is important. I was really interested throughout the whole film to match form and function.’

FIXshorts: Ani Simon-Kennedy

September 21, 2015

Drawing inspiration from Céline Sciamma, Agnès Varda and Kelly Reichardt—’because they always know how to hit you where it hurts.’

FIXshorts: Lynne Sachs and Lizzie Olesker

September 19, 2015

‘We really did not want to say goodbye to this brilliant, imaginative and totally committed group of actors and media artists.’