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Peter Coyote Is and Isn’t Retired

April 25, 2016

‘I can’t think of anything cheesier than an actor writing two memoirs.’

Anders Thomas Jensen: ‘We Are All Egos’

April 22, 2016

Says the maker of MEN & CHICKEN, ‘Every time a person is born, we need to learn everything all over again.’

GETT: Fighting for Freedom in a Claustrophobic Israeli Courtroom

April 19, 2016

Shlomi Elkabetz: ‘I’m not trying to flatter anyone but really trying to be strict and radical, and at the same time to be popular. Is it possible? I don’t know.’

HOTEL DALLAS: A TV Franchise’s Second Life—as Art, Artifact

April 19, 2016

The further you can bring viewers from seemingly singular and remote material to the bigger themes that feel very close to all of us, the further you can potentially enlarge their sense of the human.

Communal Filmmaking: Bruce Baillie’s Work Still Inspires, II

April 16, 2016 | One Comment

Janis Crystal Lipzin, among many paying tribute: ‘I marveled at how this industrial roadway was transformed into a gliding, leaping, flowing radiance by the hand of this poet of light.’

Vincent Lindon on Us, Them and THE MEASURE OF A MAN

April 15, 2016

‘I think that you’re a new country, not so much older than the cinema. We’re an old country. We have 2,000 years of living, you have 450-500 years.’

Matt Grady and a Factory of Greats

April 14, 2016

‘I love all my movies…I feel like they’re all my kids.’

Indie Filmmaking Plays Itself: ACTOR MARTINEZ

April 12, 2016

Silver and Ott’s successful collaboration amusingly portrays the big egos behind low-budget films.

Communal Filmmaking: Bruce Baillie’s Work Still Inspires

April 9, 2016

‘Bruce’s films created a mood, a state of mind, a meditative place that some of us found to be a revelation.’

The Art of Filmmaking: Ingrid Veninger

April 8, 2016

‘How could I possibly make a really big commercial film? . . . That is not who I am.’

Joachim Trier Talks LOUDER THAN BOMBS

April 7, 2016

‘We tell ourselves stories in order to move forward or survive.’

The Art of Documentary: Albert Maysles

April 7, 2016

‘Closeness with humanity is lacking in so much of the media. Love—true love—is almost not there at all.’