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Rules & Guidelines

The Fandor Referral Program is open to all current (i.e. "active") members who have completed their free trial period.

The Fandor Referral Program allows current members to invite friends, family members and acquaintances ("recipients") to try Fandor for a three-day period at no cost to either party. Eligible recipients will receive an email containing instructions on how to claim their free three-day Fandor pass. A Fandor pass provides unlimited access to the entire Fandor library for the duration of the pass period.

Only recipients who are not current Fandor members or who haven't created a Fandor account in the past are eligible to claim a three-day free pass. Only one invitation can be claimed per recipient.

Recipients must claim their free three-day pass within fourteen days of the date it is sent to them or the offer will expire.

Recipients will not be asked for a credit card unless they choose to subscribe to Fandor upon the completion of their three-day pass. Recipients who claim a free three-day pass as part of the Fandor Referral Program are under no obligation to subscribe to Fandor.