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also known as Zero no shôten

Zero Focus1961

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  • 3.5
  • passes the bechdel test
After a woman's new husband disappears on a business trip, she discovers a pair of mysterious postcards hidden away in a book that may be clues to his fate.

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The Japanese imagery is stunning, well worth watching.

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The Japanese imagery is stunning, well worth watching.

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top reviewer

really stiff & uptight_but the story is really bizarre & gets more so_starts out lame but picks up "speed" not really it just gets more complex so it held my interest_i like the stark landscape & b&w

top reviewer

Not a bad noirish mystery and somewhat daring for having such a mousy looking lead actress as the central investigative heroine. The intricate plot involves several Japan-specific cultural mores to make it plausible, and this makes the story more engaging and satisfying than your average whodunit. The primary drawback is there's not much action, and the bulk of the plot exposition is through talking. On the positive side, we get some stark B&W cinematography of chilly northern Japan, and an able supporting cast, particularly Kô Nishimura as Sotaro Uhara who has a couple of great scenes where he just steals the movie. Once again, I have to wonder who at Criterion is picking the movies to release since "Zero Focus" really isn't worthy of their high standards, IMHO; I mean, it's a notch or two above OK, but certainly nothing particularly noteworthy. 2.75 stars.