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also known as Xia nu chuan qi

Zen of Sword1993

  • 3.6
During the dark ages of ancient China, when warlords battled for land and wealth, Princess Ling and her two generals Ching and Lau must escape from a rebel clan bent on bringing their kingdom down. ZEN OF SWORD is a classic martial arts mayhem and yet, sadly, there isn't a single good print of this movie anywhere (or so it seems). Apologies. Even if it looks about as washed-out as anything we've ever seen, the film is just too good to pass up.

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Member Reviews (7)

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top reviewer

Quality of the print was just so low that I really couldn’t enjoy or have an opinion of the movie. Action scenes looked like they might be very impressive, but often were just jagged blobs jumping around on the highly pixelated screen. So bad it looked like MPEG-1. About 50% of the subtitles were not legible at all, so I missed about half the story, but it looked fun and melodramatic. Would make an extra effort to see this in a better print.

Yeah, I'll give this movie a 10 also.. and trust me... if it sucks , I won't even watch the rest of it. I love my martial art movies.............

BORING a love STORY!!!

good martial arts movie



very cool movie!!