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You're Growing Up1955

  • 3.0
There are four stages of development from birth to adulthood. All four are on full display here in YOU'RE GROWING UP. Perhaps you'll learn something about what you went through way-back-when. If you have children, perhaps you'll see where things are heading. If, in fact, you're still in the single-digit years of your existence, get the inside scoop on what is going on with your body.

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Member Reviews (1)

This is less awkward than it could have been. It's a fascinating look at what cultural norms allowed and how they discussed them. For example, it's true that some kids go through a "fat stage," but we wouldn't talk about it that way now. At the same time, the narrator immediately follows that with something indicating that people in the "fat stage" don't remain there forever. Far from being silly, the film attempts to deal with puberty in a way that is appropriate for the ages who will watch the film. Excellent slice of post-war America.