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Your Body During Adolescence1954

  • 3.2
Boys and girls become men and women when "the change" arrives. It happens to us all. But what really happens to YOUR BODY DURING ADOLESCENCE? McGraw-Hill, better-known as a book publisher, crafted this frank film that explains it all in full, animated detail.

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Now I understand

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Now I understand

2 members like this review

Disgusting and naughty! Graphic illustrations entirely inadequate. No information regarding masturbation, fornication, or other interesting aspects of adolescent entertainments. Very good example of sexual repression, supporting the view that the only justification for sex is reproduction. Any ideas one may have to the effect that sex feels good are not to be found in this documentary. You will learn a lot more about useful information about adolescent body changes by doing an internet search for 'pornography,' 'sex,' or 'fucking.' Or even easier, just talk to any schoolboy or schoolgirl aged eight or older.