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also known as Mikres Aphrodites

Young Aphrodites1963

  • 3.5
YOUNG APHRODITES presents a world of primitive love and lust, erotic passions and innocent physical longing as two adolescents experience sensual awakening in a savagely nomadic world. Director Nikos Koundouros, winner of the Best Director award at the Berlin Film Festival, filmed YOUNG APHRODITES among the old ruins and landscapes of Greece and used authentic shepherds, peasants and popular dancers to recreate the mood and atmosphere of a time long ago. Both exotic and sensual, this magnificently photographed film is a poetic ode to the beginning of adulthood and the loss innocence.

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Excellent film.Very Interesting!

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This is certainly a very poetic film, very little dialogue, beautiful people beautifully shot on rocky beaches, though you have to sit through an annoying five minutes of thirsty men slurping up water first. It is a dance between roaming male shepherds and the young beautiful women whose men are away at sea. The story follows two male's pursuit; a young shepherd and after a coy young girl and one grown man after one beautiful woman who tries her best to resist him. The actors really move like dancers on the rocks and the film has an eerie charm.

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not at first but it's a beautiful film i love the boy and the girl_i love the power of sex & love

I,am sorry but lost it lost about 5 min. into it