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You Hurt My Feelings2011

  • 3.8
Steve Collins' winsome indie feature finds sad-sack John, so unloved he asks someone else's family dog "Do you love me?," the sole shared point between two triangles. One consists of John and the two very young kids he "mannys" everyday for a recently divorced, white-collar-worker mother. The other, more awkward one is between John, the waitress ex-girlfriend he's pathetically eager to get back and her new boyfriend, who at least in physical terms is disturbingly similar to John ("We could be brothers!") and, more disturbingly, still wants to be his new Best Bud. Eventually these triangles intersect as the variably hapless thirtyish adults lay aside their differences to go on group playdates with John's tiny charges. No doubt largely improvised, which accounts for the children's relaxed spontaneity and, in turn, the characters sharing their actors' names, YOU HURT MY FEELINGS takes some unpredictable leaps in narrative and time with the viewer left to sort out what's happened between. It's a low-key, gently seriocomic exercise of the type whose poignancy and depth sneaks up on you. Plus, admit it: no one can turn away from any scene involving toddlers and this movie has a lot of those. - Dennis Harvey

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