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You Have to Live Somewhere2013

  • 3.6
Filmmaker Caveh Zahedi collaborates with musician Don Lennon on a music video that incorporates footage from Buster Keaton's celebrated short film ONE WEEK.

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hard to watch

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very cute

Lots of sweet fun

If you do not have a budget, slap together silent film footage from the vaults of the public domain and call it a video?

This work derives it's footage from a Buster Keaton film called One Week. This clip, however, consists of ad nauseam loops from the film set to a sophomoric indie pop soundtrack that roughly fits the overall theme. If you like indie pop and don't mind the abject use of Keaton's work, then enjoy. If, however, you are like me and prefer historic cultural works without the stain of maladroit hispterism co-opting them for kitsch, seek instead One Week proper and avoid this like plague.

Nice. I originally thought it emotionally relied too much on the mechanics of the original footage, but on a repeat viewing, I softened my opinion

This is simple, melodic, and beautiful.