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Narrowly escaping her volatile ex-husband, Yella flees her small hometown in former East Germany for a new life in the West. She finds a promising job with Philipp, a handsome business executive with whom an unlikely romance soon blossoms. But just as Yella seems poised to realize her dreams, she finds herself haunted by buried truths that threaten to destroy her newfound happiness. Christian Petzold’s YELLA is a stylish and deliciously suspenseful mystery.

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Top reviewer
3 members found this review helpful Created over 1 year ago.

A very disorienting, icy-slick, thrilling film in which you are transported into the main character, though learn little about her, and experience her traumatic memory reverberating throughout your body too. A cogent commentary on the occasionally larcenous nature of capitalism set in a recently reunified Germany. The ordinariness of the business deals juxtaposed with Yella's contagious sense of claustrophobia (and what genius that Petzold can make you feel this under expansive Northern European sky), and what creeping thoughts swim in the backwaters behind Phillip's business deals, make this movie very jarring, in the slowest sense, like ice water seeping into your veins after an accidental dive. The only misstep in this atmospheric film was the ending, though it was a quietly menacing, uncanny, and enjoyable ride to that destination; (though I seriously asked myself, why?). The actress who plays Yella, Nina Hoss, acts extraordinarily well, and throughout the movie the character is an enigma that you'll try, and ultimately accept, that you won't be able to fully understand. The actor Devid Striesow acts well too as Philip, and I will admit that I especially loved to watch these two characters' slowly blossoming romance, a gentle thing that made the cold sense of impending danger all the more delicious; (plus, I feel like he's very handsome too). I would definitely recommend watching it, especially if, like me, you find that there's something very magnetic about Germany and something very quietly sonorous about its language.

1 member found this review helpful Created over 2 years ago.

Highly recommended. Suspenseful and you can't help to feel empathy towards the main character.

Created almost 3 years ago.

This was a very good movie. And it was very factual of today's world.

Created over 1 year ago.

Good with a surprising ending.

Created about 2 years ago.

awesome movie!!

Created over 3 years ago.

good suspencfull film

Created over 3 years ago.

INTERESTING. the story told as a flashback on her life. i liked the many turns in the plot.

Created over 3 years ago.

A little slow but I do like the complicated characters that have layers like an onion.

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