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also known as Frau im Mond

Woman in the Moon1929

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  • 4.1
Two years after revolutionizing the science fiction film with his epic METROPOLIS, director Fritz Lang revisited the genre with an ambitious spectacle that dramatizes the first lunar expedition. Rather than a flight of pure fantasy, Lang, screenwriter (and, at the time, Lang's wife) Thea von Harbou and a group of technical consultants conceived a modernized TRIP TO THE MOON grounded in state-of-the-art astrophysics. Spiced with romance and espionage (including a network of diabolical super-spies straight out of Lang's "Mabuse" films), WOMAN IN THE MOON was one of the most influential science fiction films of its era.


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Fritz Lang's 2nd major sci-fi silent movie. This is a much better film than I expected. An astronomer thought that the moon had gold and when he introduced the idea to a group of scientists, he was called a fake and laughed at. At the beginning of the movie, he's a broken down man living in a small apartment. His only supporter is an aircraft manufacturer who just happens to also be building spacecraft. The plans are hampered by a group that wants the gold that they too think is on the moon. They have a man who calls himself "Mr. Turner" steal the plans for the spaceship, including a model (similar in design to the Nazi V-2 rocket). For the late 1920s, the moonscape is incredible. This movie is considered the first film to show a realistic launching of a rocket, including a countdown, stating the needed velocity to escape the Earth's atmosphere. While dealing with a group that is willing to subvert the attempted flight to the moon and back, there is also a love triangle with the owner of the rocket manufacturing plant, his chief engineer, and the woman they both love, but becomes engaged to the engineer.

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Woman In The Moon (1929) is yet another of Fritz Lang's great German films. As a sci-fi film, it is admittedly not as good as his Metropolis, but it is still very good indeed. The low tech gadgetry of the spaceship is rather dated, and the idea of the moon having a breathable atmosphere seems ridiculous today, but the storyline, in general, is believable, well thought, and dramatically compelling. The extensive sets in scenes on the moon's surface were rather impressive too.

I did not know what to expect in this long film and I was very happy I found it very fun and enjoyable also the film was ahead of its time in thinking about space travel and the melodrama made for a good plotline. good fun !