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Window on Your Present1988

  • 3.0
WINDOW ON YOUR PRESENT is Cinqué Lee's first feature film, written and directed in the late 1980s. The film takes place in a world where color and love do not exist. The people who live in this dreary world have nothing to live for and often end up taking their own lives. However, two unlikely lovers discover that there is something else that is special that exists outside of their horrid world. Lee is no stranger to film, appearing in Jim Jarmusch's MYSTERY TRAIN and COFFEE AND CIGARETTES. Cinqué was also co-writer and co-producer of his brother Spike Lee's CROOKLYN. WINDOW ON YOUR PRESENT remains a time capsule into the No-Wave New York art films of the '80s.

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Member Reviews (3)

Intelligent and minimal to the max !

There was a lot missing in this attempt...elements both in technique (even for a beginner), which is to say the technical (camera movement, ambient sounds) and also employing, even an amateur someone, who had some feeling and understood something of voice actors who "read" and finally, and most sadly, in simple storytelling. Sorry, but this is the truth, yet I hope this director eventually found firmer footing and tried again...because there was "something" in the attempt.

Wow! If Dieter and the Sprockets did this on SNL, I would not be laughing. Made by a six year old with 12 year old "actors". Waste of time!