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William Eggleston: Photographer2008

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  • 3.7
William Eggleston was born in Memphis, Tennessee and grew up in a wealthy family in Mississippi. He is considered a pioneer of modern color photography. He achieved early fame with a one-man show at the New York Museum of Modern Art. The show's title was unpretentious and to the point: Color Photographs by William Eggleston. The photographs, which were taken in Memphis and Mississippi, showed everyday motifs as well as friends and family of the photographer. Prints were made using Eggleston's characteristic dye transfer process. Although panned by critics and widely misunderstood, the exhibition marked the beginning of modern color photography. Eggleston influenced generations of young photographers, artists and filmmakers including Jurgen Teller, Andreas Gursky, Sofia Coppola, Gus van Sant and David Lynch.

Member Reviews (5)

Bill Eggleston!

his photography is crispy prints but influence of our generations

Terrific insight into the mind of William Eggleston.

Not as lovely or as considered as his films but still wonderful.

William Eggleston walks around and takes pictures of random, everyday objects, scenes, and people. He doesn't put much effort it into it. He just quickly snaps a picture and moves on.

And yet, there's something deeper. Perhaps it's that his sense of composition is very good, or perhaps it's because the method he uses to develop the pictures results in very vibrant colors.

I don't know what it is, but somehow he takes the ordinary and shows it to you in such a way that it becomes extraordinary.