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also known as Shivuy Mishkal

White Balance2005

  • 4.0
Twelve-year-old Itamar has a deep passion for ice skating. However, he is slowly losing his hearing, which forces him away from his singular passion. Itamar refuses to accept his doctor's orders and his parents’ wish that he stay away from the ice rink. Enter Natalie, his new partner, who is a wild and disobedient girl. Together they struggle and grow within a complicated world of adolescence.

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Touching, sweet, beautiful.


well done ! youngsters with an interest in the skating but thy will enjoy the film but also learn about hearing problems and others not show here but it will show them not to run from , ignore and not to risk making a problem worse and that friendship and family along with courage with understanding themselves and that there are other people with none are more understanding than your thought they had true friends will stick by them.