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  • 3.8
Jim Jarmusch and Aki Kaurismäki seem to haunt this deadpan comedy from Uruguay about an over-sixty "love" triangle between a grumpy sock factory owner, his faithful assistant and his excessively cheerful, far more successful brother. Realizing he should at least pretend to have a life beyond the factory, the taciturn Jacobo enlists his coworker Marta to play his wife when his rival sock-making brother Herman arrives from Brazil (their gifts for each other: pairs of socks). Such a simple deceit turns complicated when Marta and Herman bond and more-so when the cumbersome threesome takes a comically uncomfortable trip to a seaside resort. Directors Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll (whose 25 WATTS heralded a Uruguayan renaissance) have a keen sense for the awkwardness of human communication, and for cinema's ability to capture it. No constant chatter here; wordless moments, weathered face and excellent comic pacing convey the humor of three disparate souls forced together but still apart. - Jason Sanders

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Winner of "Best Spanish Language Foreign Film" at the 2005 Goya Awards.

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Member Reviews (3)

Solid and substantive in every way imaginable and yet not something I would ever be eager to watch again. Just decent.

Slow starting and never running much faster later, but quietly getting deeper: a nice, modest, drama of the human comedy.

Lovely quiet underplayed observations on the life of an owner and worker at a sock factory who fake being married for one weekend....after that there is nothing left for them to say?