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also known as Viaje al centro de la Tierra | The Fabulous Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Where Time Began1977

  • 2.9
Kenneth More stars in this 1977 adaptation of the classic novel by the master of science fiction, Jules Verne. After finding a mysterious map, Professor Otto Lindenbrock leads an expedition deep below the Earth's surface to discover its long-hidden secrets. Joined by his niece Glauben, her fiancé Axel and a local guide, they explore vast caverns, uncovered uncharted underground oceans, and discover they are not alone. The land beneath the Earth is filled with bizarre creatures and ravenous dinosaurs. But there are also other humans there, including the mysterious scientist Olsen who seems to possess technology far in advance of Victorian Europe.

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Member Reviews (3)

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2 ½ Moderately entertaining bad movie with Kenneth More playing a stereotypical pompous late 19th century scientist to a T and funny script that purposely plays to the inherent campiness of dusty cobwebbed Victorian fantasy and science fiction. The caverns and erupting volcano stock footage make this visually fun in spite of the sparse special effects.


Lots of shots on goal, but no score. This looks like a 2nd year film student's effort and at best it's a C, maybe a C+. Plot holes, continuity problems, special effects budget must have been nothing (didn't Star Wars come out in '77?) The only award this movie could ever win would be for 'Most Annoying Actor in a Leading Role'. His character was insufferable.