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Where the Streets Have No Name2010

  • 3.4
An emotional journey of Dr. Harald Falge who has been working tirelessly over the last 20 years, trying to help alleviate the problem of homelessness in Cairns. A hair raising experience as we get into the lives of these street kids, hear their stories and unfold the bitter reality that lies beneath this beautiful paradise island. It is a dark, intimate and unforgettable journey revealing the truth backed with real life incidents, diverse experiences and first hand interaction with key people who helped make this mission impossible successful. WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME today tells a different story.

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Member Reviews (4)

Absolutely dreadful self-promotion. This film is far less about the plight of homeless kids in Cairns, and far more about one man who runs a food truck and the religiosity that compels him to do it. The immodesty is stifling. When the film does manage to pull itself away from the congratulatory niceties and focus on the kids themselves, it ends up so lacking in compelling, substantive material that it starts to border on offensive. If you're looking to really explore the lives of these young people who find themselves in adverse circumstances, you won't get to do much of that here. This film is simply one man's love-letter to his own Christianity.

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top reviewer

highly recommended...

Worth the time to watch.

Very moving and inspirational. What a great man Harald is, along with all of those that have seen fit to help out wherever needed over the past couple decades. Thank you all!