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When Ambrose Dared Walrus1915

  • 4.0
Hefty Ambrose (Mack Swain) is an unlikely acrobat who checks into the Walrus Hotel with his petite trapeze-artist wife. Proprietors Mr. and Mrs. Walrus, whose marital union is no more harmonious than their guests', suffer several embarrassing encounters with the newcomers. Tempers flare; a pistol is drawn. This is really, really not going to turn out to be a good day for the hotel's fire insurance to lapse. Writer/director Walter Wright's two-reeler for Mack Sennett was one of about a dozen Keystone comedies pairing Swain and Conklin as the titular characters... or, rather, pitting them against each other!

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Member Reviews (1)

The dive from the second floor into the women's bath... and my kids and I are still trying to figure out the hula hoop trick.