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also known as Insan nedir ki?

What's a Human Anyway?2004

  • 3.8
Set in an urban apartment building where neighbors, friends and family are living in close quarters, the film focuses on male protagonists through whom the three phases of stepping into manhood in Turkish society are explored. Ali, suffering from temporary amnesia, is the main focus for the narrative twists in this circus-like environment. But there is also a little boy who refuses to be circumcised, a young man who refuses to do his military service and a thirty year old man refusing to leave home. The nicely paced film with well-written characters is treated to director Reha Erdem's light touch and slyly amusing style without missing the opportunity to illuminate some serious points in a strictly patriarchal society.

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Before watching this film I didn't know much about Turkish people, and still don't. But What's a Human made me appreciate the cultural dimensions of Turkish life, finding that their capacity for love, depicted in this great movie, is boundless; and no different, really, than that of most peoples of the world - be they Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese or - dare I say? - Germans. When it comes to matters of love it is a universal truism that we must confront the ying and yang of joy and madness that defines it. I really enjoyed watching the narrative unfold in this great story.

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Didnt like the story, didnt make sense at all.