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Wes and Ella2010

  • 3.4
Strangers to one another and largely to themselves, Wes and Ella venture on an introspective road trip that ultimately reveals that often, one has to get lost in order to be found.

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Member Reviews (1)

Ok. Some interesting elements, but script seemed contrived. Very short sentences exchanged between a young couple getting to know each other (perhaps it's supposed to be a reflection of our texting, byte-sized communicating your <>). Very subdued, calm interaction which is fine, but no playfulness, expressiveness (probably a conscious decision by the script writer and producer, but it didn't carry). I chose to watch this as my son has entered art school. Thought he might like the film, but I think he would agree with my observations. I still watched it to the end to see if it would blossom. It did not.

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