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We Go Way Back2006

  • 3.3
Lynn Shelton's debut feature draws on her past as a stage actress but WE GO WAY BACK is no autobiographical drama. Kate (Amber Hubert) is a struggling actress who has given up her happiness and her sense of self for her career. That is until she finds a stash of letters written when she was a thirteen year old girl full of confidence and creativity and ambition. Plunged into depression, her younger self (Maggie Brown) infiltrates her dreams. What could have been a disconcerting bend in time and space and identity is instead played as a compassionate character piece and an act of healing. Beautifully shot on 35mm by Ben Kasulke (who made his debut as a cinematographer on the film). - Sean Axmaker

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

There is a great idea at play here and the film has some great moments. Among the many interesting aspects of this minimal little movie is the incorporation of an ill-advised staging of Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler." Lynn Shelton's film may not consistently work, but it is truly magical when it does.

top reviewer

Kate & Kate are both wonderful & sweet_the film is really bright & has a cool twist_sometimes it gets lost just like Kate @ 23. Cinematography is really cool quite often & even when i got lost i liked where i was

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