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also known as Viva Algeria

Viva Laldjérie2004

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  • 3.8
Three women: a mother, her daughter and a prostitute have been living in a hotel in the heart of Algiers amid creeping fundamentalism. Goucem, the daughter, has chosen a modern, emancipated life, spending steamy weekends in nightclubs. Fifi, her faithful friend, prostitutes herself under the thumb of a local protector. Papicha, the mother, eats pizzas in front of the television, torn between fear and nostalgia for the cabaret days of her youth. Known in Europe as the North African Pedro Almodovar, filmmaker Nadir Mokneche weaves a richly drawn portrait of women exiled in their own country.



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The price for liberation is sometimes a tough one, yet sometimes, for some, there's no other choice. It was interesting to see that in this film, the woman who ultimately found satisfaction was the one obsessed with her love of her art. Algiers lives on.

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wonderful film_i'd hate to be a woman in an arab / muslim country for that matter i'd hate to be a man as well_i totally don't get it_i had my doubts in the beginning but it's pretty amazing everyone is great in it