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Virgins of Bali1932

  • 3.4
  • mature audiences
The wedding preparations for two young women of Bali are fully (perhaps too fully) explored in this troubling shockumentary from the early 1930s.

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Given that the real purpose of the filmmaker was to show as many topless Balians as possible....his interest in the males was quite limited...he did camouflage his motive with more additional ethnographic detail than others might. Good try :) It did seem like a pretty idyllic society, but those without class divisions or other brutal and oppressive social hierarchies can be if they also seem weell-fed as this population seemed to be.

well seems to me that he was salivating the entire movie...............beautiful as Bali is and as true as the naivete feels the pedophile in waiting was so apparent and ready to pounce!

If you lived in the US for 100 years, you wouldn't see one girl topless in public. So no wonder this camera crew went a little crazy in a town where all the women were topless and even nude. But now all that beauty has been covered up in asia, so this is your only chance to see the heavenly past.