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also known as Selo bez zena

Village Without Women2010

  • 3.5
On a mountaintop in southwest Serbia lies the womanless hamlet of Zabrdje, where the Jankovic brothers hold the fort. Veering between the utterly hilarious and deeply poignant, this beautifully-crafted film follows one brother's quest to introduce women back into the once-vibrant community. But with no roads or running water, convincing a Serbian woman is out of the question. Instead, Zoran looks across the border to Albania and extends a muddy olive branch to the beauties of their former enemy.

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Member Reviews (3)

This film is simple in premise and aesthetic, but surprisingly complex in theme and structure--and at times, genuinely very, very funny. By focusing on three generally relatable characters who are just a bit out of touch with modern life, the film tackles some timely themes (nationalism, sexism, modernity to name a few) without ever seeming heavy handed.

poor film