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Villa des roses2002

  • 3.6
  • passes the bechdel test
When Louise's husband dies on the Titanic trying to emigrate, she must leave their son with her aging father to set up a new life for her family in Paris. Working as a maid in the run-down Villa des Rosas, she falls in love with a painter, but their relationship proves tumultuous on the eve of World War I.

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Love gone bad in an English "villa" circa WWI, where everyone hears and sees everyone else's business. Who knows why our artist Romeo turns bad boy, and lets everyone down. No politics, just melodrama, jealousy, deceit, abandonment and broken promises. (This film may be Belgian, but it is in English).

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top reviewer

A charming vignette of the days before the Great War. The characters are well defined, and their lives joyously absurd. It feels to me what Dickens would be writing if he survived into the twentieth century. The acting is quite good, the visuals are so crisp that I could experience the smells and background sounds of the time. It reminds me of how many sacrifices were made a century ago to find a new life. It gives a different perspective of true courage. It also left me wondering about the human/simian relationship. What does the monkey get out of the deal?

did you make a comedy or tear jerker, make up your mind

Too slow for me. Excellent casting