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Victrola Cinema2010

  • 1.6
A tableaux vivant. The sound of the victrola employed "live" for screenings, utilizing the Vitaphone sound system. Created as part of Residency Unlimited: Special Features.

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It's always interesting to me how the Gilded Age is portrayed in cinema and that includes here. This interesting experimental short uses an old Victrola recording for a film depicting people sitting around looking through images with a stereoscope, which was an amazing technology of the time. Now, it should be said that the two time periods don't match up here as by the time you have the Victrola, especially in people's homes, you don't have too much in the way of the stereoscope images as popular because of the rise of the movies. But those are details that I'm not surprising aren't too important here, as the period tends to be depicted in this film as people sitting around in funny costumes and doing quaint things.

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