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  • 3.3
Shot in the skid row district of San Francisco's Tenderloin the short film VACATION unfolds in a quick and visual ten minutes with an integral soundtrack featuring garage blues by Hasil Adkins, classics by Billie Holiday and contemporary pop from Madonna. Quotes from Charles Bukowski’s "Ham and Rye" pepper the voice over adding bite and muscle to the film.

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Member Reviews (8)

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top reviewer

Just loved it. I love SF.

top reviewer

What appears to be severe animal abuse, handling a puppy like a piece of garbage.

Nice little short.

Why can we just be, why aspire to anything? Why is it so hard to accomplish nothing? Even this is a tough road. Check it out.

Great short film!

Good short film.

A frustration stage to flea and be one with the universe, such is life simply.

big piece of nothing...oh, no - let's be nice and say ' another zector of the American dream, de-constructed. '

Zeeto VanDarn