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Under the Biltmore Clock1984

  • 3.3
It's 1920 and romance is in bloom at the Biltmore Hotel under its famous clock. For Myra Harper (Sean Young of BLADE RUNNER, STRIPES), age 21, it's time to stop "playing around" and find a husband, and the unsuspecting, handsome, shy and quite wealthy Knowleton Whitney is the perfect target. Romance, it seems, will work quite well with Myra and Knowleton. For they fall in love and it's time to meet his outrageously eccentric family and the bizarre characters who inhabit Whitney mansion. Suddenly Myra is caught on a comic roller coaster of events while trying to save her romance. Take a spin through this delightful PBS adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's charming "Myra Meets His Family."

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

Neal Miller's Under The Biltmore Clock (1984) is an incredibly good


Never read the Fitzgerald short story from which this film is adapted,

and I don't care because this is just an outstanding film on its own


This film has a truly unique storyline, and is very innovative with

several unexpected plot twists. The spooky, eccentric future in laws

and the whole weird setting at the fiancé's mansion was superbly

executed, and very surreal.

The period settings and period costumes were excellent, and Myra's

wardrobe was very extensive, beautiful to look at, and very stylish for

the period.

The acting by the whole cast was great, but Sean Young as Myra gave an

incredible performance, going through several personality changes, and

many emotional transitions quite believably, and quite smoothly.

This is a visually beautiful film with superb cinematography, and very

effective editing.

This is a film that I want to view again, simply because now that I

know all the devious and unexpected turns in the storyline, I can

appreciate the film better on a second viewing.

Enjoyable! Nice adaptation of a Fitzgerald short story I hadn't read before. True to the story.