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Uncle Josh at the Moving Picture Show1902

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  • 3.1
This is a remake of the 1901 British film by Robert Paul, titled alternately COUNTRYMAN AND THE CINEMATOGRAPH or COUNTRYMAN’S FIRST SIGHT OF THE ANIMATED PICTURES. Porter substituted Edison scenes for the films within the film, including PARISIAN DANCE (1897) and a version of BLACK DIAMOND EXPRESS (1897). An even earlier newspaper cartoon presented the same basic story line so there is nothing about the idea that was particularly original. As Porter’s picture demonstrates, head titles were used to introduce turn-of-the-century films even though they did not appear on the prints submitted for copyright purposes. Why? Until 1903-04 exhibitors generally projected lantern slides for such purposes. These were cheaper and avoided the problem of flicker. (Early projectors were generally designed to show both slides and films.) For this reason there is no original head title for UNCLE JOSH AT THE MOVING PICTURE SHOW.