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Two Small Bodies1994

  • 2.8
In Beth B's adaptation of the play by Neal Bell, strip-club hostess Eileen arrives home to find her children missing. The detective Brann comes to investigate and is immediately suspicious. Where are the "two small bodies" and why did she do it? Their relationship transforms into a power struggle of dominance, resistance and fulfillment. As they circle around each other, the balance of power changes and the game is fought with the highest stakes. - Stela Jelincic

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Having firmly established herself along with partner, Scott B., as a core artist of NYC's No Wave movement, Beth B. ventured into full length feature film territory with this strange movie. Released in 1993 after debuting at Sundance, it is not always an easy film to find.

Based upon Neal Bell's 1970's play, Beth B. makes no attempt to rewrite the film to feel more cinematic. Instead she utilizes camera movement to keep the pace moving. It almost works thanks to both Fred Ward and Suzy Amis.

Both actors approach their stilted retro 1940's Film Noir dialogue with a mixture of realism that constantly flirts with ironic humor. By the time the film slithers to the midpoint, the two actors have gradually shifted the tone of mutually perverse performances. The shift is not so much toward reality as it is toward standing metaphors.

What at first seems like a mystery regarding the female protagonist as the possible killer of her own children shifts to a literal sort of dangerous dance between a woman and a man. The idea of repulsion and resentment tied up in sexual attraction never quite fully forms, but Beth B.'s film is a very dark and interesting sort of fail.