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also known as Les deux Anglaises et le continent

Two English Girls1971

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  • 3.7
  • passes the bechdel test
Francois Truffaut's TWO ENGLISH GIRLS shows the director working in one of his favorite environments: the work of Henri-Pierre Roche (the author of JULES AND JIM) with his longtime leading man/cinematic doppelganger Jean-Pierre Leaud, telling a story so good on so many levels that he saved the narration for himself. As with many of Truffaut's best works (of which this is one though it is often underrated) the story (of the romantic triangle between the two title characters and Leaud's Claude) is so beautifully delineated that the tale becomes almost secondary to its telling.



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horrible tedious & unbearable. Kika Markham - Ann Brown is wonderful i never got Stacey Tendeter - Muriel Brown & Jean-Pierre Leaud was simply boring_i just didn't care & it just keeps going_i'm not a Truffaut fan except for 400 Blows_love that one. Love Jean-Pierre in Godard films. this one is just painful