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  • 3.2
Colorful, energetic, delicate and sensual, this early short by M.M. Serra presents her unique vision of eroticism and poetic cinema in a fast-paced collage of dreamlike imagery. Fragments of a poem by C. Breeze are read and manipulated in a manner recalling the tape experiments of Steve Reich. Rich reds and deep blues stutter and sparkle along with her descriptions of love and "canine sex." TURNER is a brief glimpse at Serra's roots in the New York avant-garde and the Film-makers' Cooperative. - Stela Jelincic

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Member Reviews (3)


Mirror. Father. Mirror.


The intentionally mysterious voice over detracts from the inarticulate images. To me this is just derivative A-G drivel, even if it is from 1988 and Serra is respected in some circles of critical opinion. Hope your experience was better than mine.