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Tu dors Nicole2014

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  • 3.8
  • passes the bechdel test
Nicole is adrift after college graduation, working a dead-end summer job in her small Quebec hometown and spending evenings with her best pal, Veronique. When her older brother Remi unexpectedly returns with his bandmates in tow, disrupting the girls' half-baked summer, it becomes clear to Nicole that something must and will change. Shot in luminous black and white and infused with a sultry melancholy, TU DORS NICOLE brilliantly captures that liminal stage where the fading yet familiar attachments of childhood still seem far more appealing, precious, and real than the sterility of the grown-up world.

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"Fans of Noah Baumbach’s FRANCES HA and Richard Linklater’s SLACKERS will find much to smirk about in these existential sketches of bored young Quebecers who have a sticky summer to contemplate their future and their navels." - Peter Howell, Toronto Star

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top reviewer

Good script. Excellent acting. Easy to watch.

top reviewer

A very colorful B&W movie. Great acting and well done.

top reviewer

i love it_i love Nicole_ Veronique & Martin actually everyone is wonderful in this_sort of a dream out of time or lost in time a hot summer that goes nowhere but is_so i think it's a magic film_perfect

Another quirky teenage girl with angst. Is that the only film that can be made?

I found the movie charming and it put me in mind of Guy Madden's Winnepeg. And the boy she babysits? That voice was a hoot!!

left me feeling emotionless............Was unable to connect with characters

A listlessness ties every frame together much like that of Nicole's. While I enjoy the subdued yet wholesome cinematography and pacing I do not much have a softer spot for the plot or the character development. I didn't sense that enough was revealed about the protagonist's motives for me to relate or empathize with her.

I liked how sense of place was conveyed and I always like a movie that takes place during a hot summer. Overall, I had a hard time connecting with the main character.