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Treasure of the Amazon1985

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  • 3.1
In the depths of the lush, steamy Amazon jungle, rife with exotic life forms, a group of adventurers embark on a quest to discover a legendary river reportedly filled with diamonds "the size of your eyes" as well as precious jewels and gold, and in the process finds itself enveloped in incomprehensible barbarism. At the mercy of this mysterious jungle labyrinth, the treasure hunters are forced into fierce battles with determined cannibals, ruthless headhunters, ferocious alligators, piranhas, a tribe of topless female warriors, and, equally disturbing, the greed of their own colleagues, raising the question "Which is more treacherous, the greed of man or the perils of the jungle?" Created by one of Mexico's most famous exploitation and action/adventure film directors, René Cardona, Jr., this film has been labeled "One of the best Indiana Jones style films seen".

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top reviewer

“Treasure of the Amazon” is like a 105 minute version of those men’s adventure magazine cover from the 1960’s. It ain’t pretty, but gore-sploitation ace René Cardona Jr, along with a formidable gang of grizzled old character actors, keep the action rolling along for a flesh-eating, head-shrinking, blood & guts adventure that’s a pulpy mash-up of “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” and a Spaghetti Western.

Wonderful scenes of birds and animals in the wild. Acting os good. Plot is easy to figure out what is coming. Lots of bare breasted women.