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also known as Metempsycho

Tomb of Torture1965

  • 3.2
Anna, a young woman who is the reincarnation of a murdered countess named Irene, is afflicted with nightmares in which she reenacts the murder. In an effort to help her, her father, Dr. Darnell, takes her to the scene of the crime. There, in the manor where Irene was murdered, other strange murders have taken place. Two young girls attracted to the castle because of the weird tales they have heard about it are mysteriously killed. A newspaperman comes to the manor to investigate their death and becomes Anna's protector in a series of harrowing adventures that follow. Originally a 1963 Italian horror film called METEMPSYCHO, TOMB OF TORTURE was retitled and re-dubbed into English by producer Richard Gordon and released in the United States several years later as part of a double bill with CAVE OF THE LIVING DEAD.

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Member Reviews (4)

Oy! That sucked bad dood. Read wikipedia most of the movie instead of watched it, soundtrack is enjoyable.

nice old black and white thriller

Good movie but a bit of pausing and buffeting during a few scenes of the viewing......

but amusing.