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also known as Hoy y mañana

Today and Tomorrow2003

  • 3.1
The seemingly unavoidable downward spiral of Argentina's middle class during the current economic and social crisis is vividly brought to life in the character of young, street-smart Paola. A talented, would-be actress with a paying job as a waitress, she is always on the run: from her landlord, from the gas bill, from being late for work and from her father's demands. Her energy is matched in the nervous yet intimate camera work that follows her closely though the twenty-four hours she is given to raise the money required to avoid being evicted. Paola's disillusion and emotional turmoil become increasingly disturbing as her desperation leads her to darker corners of Buenos Aires' nightlife. Alejandro Chomski tracks actress Antonella Costa in every frame lending enormous credibility to the troubled Paolo with her appropriately wired performance.

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Member Reviews (5)

Very good. Paola is not just another struggling dreamer fallen on hard times. She is willing to confront the harshness of reality with action, and alone, if she has to. There are some obvious metaphors, for example, the always hustling actor who needs to compromise her talent in order to survive; but, in this case, it doesn't feel like a cliché. The acting and the grittiness of the direction and camera work work.

Absolutely predictable and stupidly stereotypical.


I loved it. Here is a spoiled young woman, talented as an actress and attractive, reduced by quirks of her own psychology to selling her body to pay her rent. Her family is good and many people reach out to help her, but she wants to go it alone. The result is some learning experiences that send her reeling. Casting, plot, psychological development, accuracy of detail . . . all make this unpretentious and highly authentic film a minor masterpiece.