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To Live2010

  • 4.1
Early autumn in the godforsaken Russian countryside. A local hunter Michail witnesses a skirmish in the middle of the forest - three men want to kill Andrey. Kind-hearted Michail helps Andrey escape and together they run from the villains who chase them. Thus, two totally different men start a long and dangerous journey together, constantly arguing with each other about ideology, morals and opinions about life. But life will put everything into perspective and force the men to understand who they really are.

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"A schlubby guy out hunting is forced to flee for his life through rough terrain when he meets a gangster on the run in nifty Russian chase pic TO LIVE. An impressively confident feature debut for writer-helmer Yuri Bykov." - Leslie Felperin, Variety

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Almost like watching a really really great Western....but better. The moral implications are gripping and sad.

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Almost like watching a really really great Western....but better. The moral implications are gripping and sad.

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top reviewer

4 ½ Terrific anti-buddy adventure has soft, sentimental Michail and self-described predator Andrey hunted-down by gangsters in the Russian wilderness. Never lets-up on the excitement, even while the two discuss their lives and life views, and both are well-developed, memorable characters. Outstanding action movie.

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A wild roller coaster from start to finish, hold onto your seat, for this movies rocks, in a way that many try trough gimmickry, this film succeeds on good writing, acting, and all around great filmaking.

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Very good movie. Especially about how the odd relationship developed.

The prairie landscape in fall adds a special perspective to this tense drama. It doesn't seem to pass judgement, but in the silent expanse of faded grasses, derelict town and abandoned church it seems to expose the transiency of human life, how in the midst of the seeming mundane, something terrifying can emerge without warning, that changes everything.

In the somber colors of fall a hunter is caught in the middle of a falling-out of gangsters. It look at 1st as if he has lost much from a hardened gangster traumatized by service in the'forces'. But the gangster saves him and then loses his life in the hunter's struggle to survive.