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also known as Morir (o No)

To Die (or Not)2000

  • 4.0
Seven individual stories end in the death of the main character, that is until fate (in the form of Ventura Pons, the film maker) intervenes and re-writes history. TO DIE (OR NOT) gives us seven stories that are separate yet intertwined in their outcome. A desperate director with a creative block, a junkie that just can't quit the habit, a little girl who chokes on a chicken bone, a hospital patient who can't reach the emergency call button, a woman who swallows too many pills, a biker run down by the police and a businessman who is laid low by a hired assassin. In part one, TO DIE, each character meets their death head on while the people around them struggle to take meaning in the events. Then in part two, OR NOT, the clock is turned back and we see how one slight change of events effects all that could have occurred.

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

i have no patience for this_ i like the little girl who didn't want to eat because of her annoying mom but that's it_couldn't take it anymore

top reviewer

Deliciously ironic with a great cast. Fun well done!